Sofie Broman

Sofie Broman

Founder of CareforLife

Sofie Broman founded CareforLife in Ningbo, China in collaboration with a local clinic called Cyclinic when she saw the need for the public to be trained in responding to emergency situations. She has trained staff in international schools, universities, companies and hosted courses opened to the general public.

Her qualification for this initiative stems from her 4 years of work as a registered nurse and 5 years as a specialist at various Intensive Care Units, in Gothenburg, Sweden. She has a Master’s degree from The University of Borås and is a certified Child CPR and Adult Advanced-CPR instructor according to Swedish Resuscitation Council.

Her role as an instructor began in Sweden where she trained medical staff and currently works as a consultant at different medical units in Gothenburg.

Sofie also has broad international experience from decades of travel and from living in multiple countries and is the proud of mother of three children.

Sofie is passionate about teaching life-saving skills!