Do you need healthcare professionals for your film project? In that case, it is a great idea to hire someone who has real experience of healthcare.

Many of us have seen a film where the ECG curve is flatlining on the monitor and a doctorsteps up to the patient and shocks them with a defibrillator. Or the patient’s blood pressureis checked while they are standing up rather than lying down. Not all of us are aware that this is not the proper way to do things. Through our professional knowledge, we assist you in making the film scene more credible by allowing it to reflect the reality of hospitals.

The details in your film are important to us, and we want to assist you in increasing its realismand quality. Make any healthcare scenes more credible We have prior experience of films, musicals, and performance art. We can use this experience to support you, both through providing consultation, and for walk-on parts for the scene. Our extras know what healthcare really looks like and their naturally professional demeanour guarantees an increased level of realism.

Children at hospitals

Films that aim to explain to children what happens behind the doors of hospitals are something that we feel passionate about. One way to prepare children prior to staying in a hospital is to inform them about what happens there. The unknown can be scary and feel threatening for children. Through our long experience of working with groups of children increative ways, we have learned how to catch children’s interest in order to help them understand.We want to help you make the healthcarescene as true to life and realistic as possible. Or we could make an appearance in the film or podcast to explain to children what happensatahospital.

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