Accidents can happen so easily …

An accident can occur in seconds and as we may be the only adult present who can act to help a child in need, we naturally want to be able to do so. We are aware, however, that in many situations it may be difficult to know how we can help, especially since it is difficult to process information in a stressful situation.

We know that the signals and symptoms of children differ from those of adults, as a child’s condition can deteriorate much more rapidly than an adult’s. By highlighting the differences between adults and children through our courses, we increase your preparedness to act in critical situations. Thus, it is important to learn how to administer CPR on infants and children. Regular training also helps to develop your confidence and preparedness to act in stressful situations.

What is the difference between our CPR Adults and CPR Children courses?

In their updated guidelines that were issued in Autumn 2021, the Swedish Resuscitation Council further emphasizes the importance of rescue breaths when administering CPR on children. The most common ground for cardiac arrest in children is caused by oxygen deprivation due to suffocation, drowning, or sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS). As a result of this, the Swedish Resuscitation Council recommends starting with five rescue breaths when beginning to administer CPR on a child suffering cardiac arrest. Following the initial rescue breaths, it is recommended to perform alternately 15 compressions and 2 rescue breaths. Practicing on realistic child-sized training dummies increases the participant’s understanding of how rescue breaths should be administered and the amount of air that it takes to ventilate a child.

The participants will therefore learn how to check for consciousness and breathing, call the emergency services, and administer CPR. They will also practice what to do if someone suddenly starts choking. Our instructors are very experienced in emergency care and look forward to coming to your workplace or organisation to hold a course.


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Number of attendees: 2-12

Duration: 2,5 hours – could be adjust according to your needs

Location: your company

Certificate: will be handed out

Validity: 1- 2 years

language: English or Swedish

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