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We offer on-site, group classes in the comfort of your office, school or home by bringing the classroom to you.
We also provide necessary supplies and equipment needed to teach the class

Send us an e-mail with your group name, date of class requested, type of class and the amount of participants.

Why should you provide this training for your employees?

Nobody expects to encounter a medical emergency and few are skilled to offer the necessary treatment in the first few minutes until the medical teams arrive.

The life they save may be yours, a family member, a neighbor, or a stranger. Your employees will be prepared whether at work, at home, or anywhere in the community.

There is no minimum number of students required for a class, however there might be limited numbers of spots available.

A room large enough to comfortable seat the number of students attending and for the instructor to present the material.

Instruction is media based with skills practice on manikins. We are flexible and adjust to most spaces.

Certification is usually valid in-between 1-2 years after course completion. Please see the specific course for precise information.


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