With the CPR Adults course, we want to provide you with the tools to act if your colleague suddenly clutches their chest because they have difficulty breathing,or if someone loses consciousness and collapses. Every six hours, someone’s life is saved through CPR.

Why take a CPR Adults course?

Would you know what to do if someone suffered a cardiac arrest? Would you even understand  that they were suffering a cardiac arrest? It is easy to feel shocked and overwhelmed in such a stressful situation, making it difficult to take in and process information. Through the CPR Adults course, we want to prevent this from happening by thoroughly covering how to check consciousness, breathing,and how to call the emergency services. For every minute of delay, the chances of surviving a cardiac arrest decrease by10%. Administering CPR doubles or even triples the chance of survival. By combining theory and practice, the knowledge you need is consolidated in your muscle memory and is thus easier to apply in a stressful situation.

In addition to this, we will be covering scenarios and accidents that may take place in the workplace or your home, depending on your specific requirements. We cover what to think about if someone experiences difficulties breathing or suffers a heart attack or stroke.

What is the difference between heart attack and cardiac arrest?

During a cardiac arrest, the heart stops beating and the circulation from the heart to the brain and other organs ceases. After a few seconds, the brain suffers oxygen deprivation and the person falls unconscious. In the case of a heart attack, the circulation in one part of the heart stops due to a blood clot or other obstacle. The heart continues to beat, but the affected part may suffer damage. This may result in sudden chest pain and difficulty breathing. A heart attack may lead to cardiac arrest.

Why should we use our working time to take a CPR course?

In their regulations entitled ‘First aid and crisis support’ (AFS 1999:07), the SwedishWork Environment Authority states that all workplaces must possess the following:

  • Preparedness and routines for acute illness and accidents
  • Knowledge in administering first aid
  • Firstaid equipment

Our courses are thus crucial tools that you can use to adhere to these regulations.

Learn to save lives according to the latest guidelines.

In 2021, the Swedish Resuscitation Council issued new guidelines, and we at CareforLife have naturally updated our working methods to highlight the latest research. We have instructors in Gothenburg, Jönköping, Örebro, and Malmö.

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Number of attendees: 2-12

Duration: 2,5 hours – could be adjust according to your needs

Location: your company

Certificate: will be handed out

Validity: 1- 2 years

language: English or Swedish

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