Who are we?

Specialist nurses with long experience of working under pressure in critical situations. We not only lecture at companies, organisations, and schools, we also work in emergency care


What we do?

We teach the basics of CPR and how to act in an emergency situation in a dedicated and creative way. Through both theoretical and practical training, we want to make you and those around you feel safer and more secure.


Why do we do it?

We want to highlight the importance of compassion to increase people’s sense of safety and security. One reason for passive behavior in emergency situations is the fear of making mistakes. With increased knowledge, we want to help you save lives.

The reason we offer our services

When an old lady fell on the escalator and help was too long in coming. Witnessing a moped accident and observing that most people just walked on by because they were too afraid of making a mistake. These were incidents that gave birth to the vision that became CareforLife, a vision of providing tools that all of us can use to become an avital link in a chain that can save someone’s life and allow us to be there for a fellow human being.

The name was born with the words of the Bible in mind: ‘Do to others what you would like them to do to you.

By spreading the knowledge of how all of us can provide a helping hand, we want to prepare people to act when the unexpected happens. In this way, we want to prevent injuries from becoming worse, decrease suffering, and save lives.

Sofie Broman
The founder
Sofie Broman, the founder of CareforLife, has worked for many years in intensive care, not least during the Corona pandemic. Education, and being able to share her profession with others, is something that is very close to her heart.
Her passion for instructing others was born in a small village in northern Laos, where she had the opportunity to describe the effects on the body of various medications to the village leaders. To her great joy, this has grown into an opportunity to teach at universities, colleges, and dental clinics, and instruct professionals such as electricians.
Being able to convey her message in a creative way has always been of importance to her. She has found inspiration for her creativity through dance courses, putting on children’s musicals, leading baby rhythmics, and trying to help her child with their homework. 
We want to take this strength in our courses when we teach people to handle situations such as cardiac arrest and administering first aid. Through her long experience in the cultures of Japan, China, and other countries, she has gained a global perspective on cardiac arrest, CPR, and defibrillators, as well as various legal aspects.
As a result of this collaboration, CareforLife is able to offer courses with a wide international understanding.